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About Eline

Let me take you back to June 2012. I am recovering from a burn-out and on vacation in Sweden. As a car enthusiast, I visit the Volvo museum in Gothenburg. The last hall of the museum is dedicated to trucks. It is the first time that I have consciously been so close to these large vehicles. I decide to climb into one of them, curious to experience the feeling of sitting so high. As soon as I get behind the big steering wheel, I know: this is it!


A year later: I exchange a coupon for a truck driving trial lesson at a local driving school. During the first kilometers, I have to get used to the double clutch. Although having experience in driving cars, driving a truck is something different. The position on road, the size of the vehicle and the effect of the weight on the driveability are new to me. What a responsibility… But it feels great! So I decide to take lorry driving lessons.


First, three theoretical exams have to be passed. I decide to commute by train to my full-time job in the insurance industry, to use the travel time for learning. In order to understand how a truck is technically constructed, I assist an evening at a truck workshop nearby. Finally, the driving lessons can start. And on the 31st of July 2014 I pass the exam in class C, later followed by class CE.


My HGV driving license with the professional competence document (Code 95) is in the pocket. So, what will I do with it? The idea is to do promotional activities for truck brands. I’ll have to know what I’m talking about, although I don’t know much about the transport industry so far. Also, I want to find out if the prejudices about truck drivers are true; I want to see and hear it myself. What is it, that make drivers face their job, day in, day out? With a strong drive to fathom this, I start a journey of discovery within the transport industry. I share my experiences on social media.


Not much later: trucks have now become my big hobby, literally and figuratively. I decide to work one day less per week and call this day ‘#TruckingWednesday’. The free time is now spent attending events and fairs, visiting truck dealers in order to ride different brands and types of trucks and talking to everybody I meet on my way. From drivers to importers, from truck dealers to suppliers -and everybody between. My network, knowledge and strive to learn more about this sector is growing increasingly.

Pretty soon, I get my first assignment and requests to write articles. And in 2015, I get asked to do a big promotional campaign for a truck brand, followed by many other collaborations.


Each time I work with trucks, I feel the adrenaline flowing through my veins. I realize that I will never be happy again with my steady job. It is about time to take another path and to formalize and spread my activities under the name #ITSMYDRIVE at the Chamber of Commerce.


Since December 2016, I am running the #ITSMYDRIVE business fulltime. I share my experiences within the transport industry on social media with photos, text and videos. The main goal with the (registered) brand #ITSMYDRIVE® is to inspire others: ‘Find out what drives you, discover your path and enjoy the ride!’. To reinforce that message, official merchandise is available in the online shop.

I take care of the representation of truck and transport related products and services. I present, vlog and support in the creation of authentic content. Both for online communications and hard copy magazines. I like to work with companies and people that also have a good dose of positive energy and a drive to make it a success together. It makes me proud when I look back on how the past years have gone and with whom I have already been able to work together. And every day I realize: this is just the beginning…

So, this is my story, my drive. What’s yours?

Eline de Vries – founder of #ITSMYDRIVE®