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It is important to do what you like in life, to be proud of who you are and what you have achieved so far. The main mission of #ITSMYDRIVE® is to inspire: find out what drives you, discover your path and enjoy the ride!

To inspire you, we share authentic and enthusiastic stories. Of our own experiences, but also those of others. What drives people in their daily life? And how does that work in practice?

We focus specifically on people and products within the transport industry. It is our drive to fathom that world. But in the end it’s all about working on what you like and what gives you energy. Enjoy what you do! And do not let yourself guide or be distracted by the opinion of others. It is YOUR life, YOUR drive.

Our focus points:


– Healthy on the road: nutrition, exercise, sleep, hygiene
– Inclusion & diversity
– Collaborations, based on strengthening each other
– Local support


– Visibility on the road: see and be seen
– Increase awareness of blind spot, size and view from the truck
– Driver safety
– ‘Mono driving’: avoid using cell phone while driving


– Reduce litter and plastic
– Making merchandise products more sustainable
– Reduce carbon footprint
– Declutter and reuse